Position Description

Title: Camp Manager

Type: Full-Time Year Round

Status: Exempt

Start Date: On or before October 2020

Camp Pitt (Pittsylvania Christian Service Camp) is a nonprofit Christian camping ministry operated by the independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ located approximately one hour south of Lynchburg, Virginia and one hour and twenty minutes north of Greensboro, North Carolina. Since 1947 Camp Pitt has provided people of all ages with opportunities to grow in Christian discipleship. In partnership with approximately 32 member and supporting churches, Camp Pitt provides opportunities for Christian discipleship through the ministry of Christian camping focused in four primary areas: summer camp for youth ages 5-17; retreats for people of all ages; Christian leadership development events; engagement with global and domestic missions.


Camp Pitt is seeking the next leader who will move the ministry forward in pursuit of our mission. A collaborative, hardworking, creative, and high-character person is a must. While every person will vary to a lesser or greater degree in each, the following criteria will help to additionally identify an ideal candidate with the understanding that evaluation will proceed on a case by case basis.

An ideal candidate:

  1. is a committed, immersed follower of Jesus, with a demonstrated history of pursuing spiritual growth, thoughtful conformity to the Word of God, dedication to prayer, consistent participation and service in the body of Christ, and compassion for the lost;
  2. has earned a Bachelor degree in a field related to nonprofit Christian ministry from an accredited institution;
  3. has completed five or more years of work experience in a field relevant to Christian camp ministry (verifiable volunteer service may satisfy this requirement); or, a combination of education and experience that meets criteria 2 and 3 to the satisfaction of the Board;
  4. is internally motivated and effective working in a self-directed capacity with limited daily supervision;
  5. possesses skill in administration, management, public speaking and presentation, and facility maintenance.
  6. possesses skill in organizing groups and working with people of diverse ages, backgrounds, education, and socioeconomic status to accomplish shared goals;
  7. desires to stay current with trends in church growth, family ministry, youth culture, personal development, global and domestic missions, and church leadership as they intersect with camp ministry; and,
  8. sees the value in making every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

The following are conditions of employment:

  1. be an active, immersed member of an independent Christian Church/Church of Christ and subscribe to the historic principles of the Stone Campbell Restoration movement;
  2. affirm and support both the Camp Pitt Statement of Belief and Practice, and the Camp Pitt Disciplinary Policy and Code of Conduct, at the time of hiring and continuously while employed by the organization;
  3. love working with and alongside people, especially children and youth;
  4. be comfortable living and working in a rural community some distance from suburban and urban amenities;
  5. live on the camp grounds in year-round permanent residence. A comfortable and spacious house is provided; and
  6. sign a document detailing the specific terms and conditions of employment at Camp Pitt.

Position Details

The Camp Manager is responsible for all aspects of the organization’s operation, including but not limited to: Administration, Program, Promotion, and Facility Maintenance. Working closely with and under the supervision of the Board of Directors, the Camp Manager carries out the decisions and policies of the organization as set forth by the board. They also serve in an advisory capacity to the full Board, as well as executive and ad-hoc committees regarding any and all business matters. Although the specific responsibilities listed below may be performed by other camp employees or volunteers, the Camp Manager is responsible to see that they are carried out.


The Camp Manager serves as the principal administrative officer of the camp organization, delegating functions as appropriate and performing any tasks necessary to the organization’s function which are not delegated.

  1. Represents the camp in all legal and regulatory proceedings and matters, i.e. attorneys, regulatory agencies, and state and federal offices.
  2. Conducts all business transactions and negotiations for the camp. Business includes purchasing of all kinds within budgetary policy and guidelines, contractual agreements, etc.
  3. Transparently administers and manages the finances of the camp in keeping with the procedures and controls set forth by the Board.
    • Records and receipts all contributions received through the Bookkeeper.
    • Verifies and codes all bills and invoices in consultation with the Bookkeeper and Treasurer.
    • Monitors, tracks, and directs all expenditures in keeping with approved budgets.
  4. Assists executive committee with developing annual budgets. Provides regular reports to the Board concerning all activities, plans, needs and challenges facing the organization.
  5. Reviews with the Board the annual IRS Form 990 prepared by the Bookkeeper before filing, and monitors and updates the camp’s listing with GuideStar.org.
  6. Prepares and presents the camp’s annual report to the General Membership at the semi-annual meeting in September.
  7. Screens, selects, employs, and supervises seasonal camp personnel.
    • Reviews seasonal employment candidates with the Board and makes selection recommendations as needed.
    • Supervises and develops all seasonal employees.
    • Assists the Board in drafting job descriptions for all employees of the camp.
  8. Maintains and coordinates the camp calendar.
  9. Develops and recommends to the Board both short-range and long-range camp plans.

Promotion (Fundraising & Marketing)

The Camp Manager serves as the chief fundraiser for raising and sustaining financial support for the camp and as the lead marketer of camp programming to various audiences and constituencies.

  1. Prepares annual summer camp promotion program. Schedules presentations with as many member churches as possible in advance of the Early Registration Deadline (May 1) and at other times as requested.
  2. Works with the Board to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for the camp’s programs using as many media types as may be effective.
  3. Oversees and distributes promotional materials and communications to member and supporting churches, individual donors, and the general public, to effectively communicate the programs and needs of the camp.
  4. Meets with church leaders (ministers, elders, deacons, ministry leaders, mission committees, member representatives, etc.) when possible to share camp needs, programs, and mission.
  5. Enthusiastically represents the camp as a mission in member churches and speaks at community functions to promote the mission and program of the camp when possible.
  6. Organizes and oversees all fundraising activities, including the annual Harvest Day event.


The Camp Manager evaluates existing programs and plans new program offerings in support of the camp mission giving special attention to the fulfillment of the four focus areas, but primarily focusing on areas one and two.

  1. Summer Camp:
    • Works closely with the Program Director to plan and coordinate the summer program.
    • Recruits, trains and assists summer Program Coordinators (Deans) as they develop and execute their respective camp sessions.
    • Oversees all summer camp sessions to insure that camp policies and governmental regulations are closely followed and that the sessions accomplish the mission of the camp.
    • Coordinates the working relationships between seasonal summer staff and volunteers to insure the goals of the Deans are accomplished.
    • Oversees the registration process, recruiting volunteers to direct check-in and check-out procedures and coordinating with the Registrar data useful to the Dean and volunteers.
  2. Retreats:
    • Provides assistance, oversight and guidance to existing Retreat Coordinators as events are planned and conducted.
    • Works closely with the Board to develop and plan new retreat programming, revise existing programming and provide adequate activities and opportunities to accomplish the camp mission.
    • Coordinates the camp calendar in keeping with the Event and Facility Use policy and existing camp rental policies.
  3. Christian Leadership Development:
    • Develops relationships with leaders in member and supporting churches to identify and understand the training and development needs specific to those congregations.
    • Plans, promotes and hosts Christian Leadership Development events relevant to the needs of the member and supporting churches and their leadership as the camp calendar and work schedule permits.
  4. Global and Domestic Missions:
    • Monitors global and domestic mission priorities of the member and supporting churches.
    • Recruits summer missionary-in-residence with thoughtful consideration of the mission priorities of the camp’s member and supporting churches.
    • Develops partnerships with churches, affiliated organizations, and missions with the goal of offering mutually beneficial short-term missions events and programs.

Facility Maintenance

The Camp Manager performs the year-round routine custodial, maintenance, and repair work on the camp’s buildings, grounds, equipment, and fixtures; and, oversees that work when performed by other staff, volunteers, contractors, and service providers.

  1. Frequently inspects camp property, buildings, grounds, equipment and fixtures to ensure readiness for use and safety of use for staff, guests and visitors. Corrects all deficiencies.
  2. Cleans, repairs and performs routine maintenance on interior and exterior offices, dormitories, meeting spaces, kitchens, dining room, restrooms, showers, shelters, storage buildings, and all associated fixtures and equipment.
  3. Maintains appearance of camp grounds by safely mowing, trimming, pruning, mulching, planting, clearing, and cutting grass, trees and, shrubs of all kinds.
  4. Inventories, maintains and services camp equipment for safe and effective operation, including but not limited to: mowing machines, trimmers, saws, tractors, implements, air compressors, pumps, carts, trailers and utility vehicles.
  5. Inventories, inspects, prepares, and performs set-up of program specific equipment and outdoor areas to ensure readiness of use and safety of use, including but not limited to: playground, ball-courts, fields, archery area, air-rifle area, pond, dock, personal floatation devices, canoes, paddle boards, disc golf course, and all associated safety components and equipment.
  6. Achieves NPSF® Certified Pool Operator® credential within the first year of employment and maintains continuous certification thereafter; performs seasonal opening, daily maintenance, daily operation, and seasonal closing of the camp swimming pool; trains and supervises camp staff in pool maintenance procedures; selects and supervises lifeguards.
  7. Monitors and provides for the year-round physical security of the total facility, including hazards from weather, fire, trespassing, theft, and vandalism.
  8. Recruits, assists, and supervises volunteers performing facility projects or services.
  9. Monitors conditions of all facilities and reports needs for repairs, improvements, upgrades, additions or replacements to the Board, understanding that safety of staff, guests, and visitors takes the highest priority and most immediate action.


Only applications submitted through the website will be accepted for this position. Applications will be continuously reviewed by the Board of Directors until a suitable candidate is identified. Applicants will be notified if the Board of Directors requires additional information such as a detailed resume, work history or references. Candidates will be required to appear for at least one in-person interview and to submit to a criminal background check. Potential hires must appear before a meeting of the General Membership and must additionally undergo a credit check before an offer for employment will be finalized. The organization’s goal is to complete the hiring process in September 2020, or earlier, with a start date not later than October 31, 2020. Time is of the essence. No part of the application process shall be deemed as an offer of employment. Camp Pitt reserves the right to close, suspend, alter, or amend the hiring process at any time and alter or amend the description of open position(s) without prior notice.