Christian camping ministry in America finds its origins in the outdoor youth movements which arose at the beginning of the 20th Century.  The successful character building and moral training experiences of organizations like Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and YMCA camping programs caught the attention of Christian groups interested in Bible training.  Shortly after the mid 1940’s the concept had caught on among the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.  Many camps of similar affiliation from across the nation trace their origins to this period.

As early as 1944, Christian camp was held in Pittsylvania County, Virginia as a cooperative effort of several churches in South-Central and Southside Virginia.  In 1947, realizing the potential of the ministry held for making disciples and calling the next generation of church leaders, a permanent facility was provided by generous members of the Sheva Church of Christ.  According to Commonwealth of Virginia records, Pittsylvania Christian Service Camp was incorporated that same year, but was and still is known among supporters and campers as Camp Pitt. Over the next 39 years, Camp Pitt saw considerable success among youth in the region at both making disciples for Jesus Christ and calling volunteer and vocational leaders to service in God’s kingdom.

Beginning in 1984, Camp Pitt relocated to its present campus near the Climax community of Pittsylvania County.  Summer youth camps have been held annually as well as programs and retreats for adults.  Presently Camp Pitt has a membership of 30 independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ which provide oversight, funding, volunteers and campers, although campers from many diverse backgrounds attend each year.  Camp Pitt continues to see success discipling and calling the next generation of Christian leaders and is well positioned to expand its reach into the community it serves in the coming years.