What to Bring

Camper Packing Checklist: Camp Pitt has a few extra recommendations for your packing list this year: (1). Camp Pitt asks that all campers pack their own PPE mask, as it will be required in various areas at times. (2). We encourage campers to bring their own personal hand sanitizer if they wish. (3). Please pack a water bottle and write your campers name on it.  We will be limiting the use of paper cups this summer. (4). If able, please pack a lawn chair with your camper’s name on it. We will use lawn chairs for outdoor groups and worship time. (5). Please pack your camper’s clothes/toiletries/belongings in a plastic tote.  We ask that camper’s dirty clothes are properly bagged and put back in their tote everyday.

Clothes: Everyone is expected to abide by the camp dress code. Modesty will prevail with regard to clothing. The Camp Dean applies what is appropriate and has the authority to ask anyone to change clothes that fall outside of the camp’s guidelines. Dress casually for typical Southside Virginia summer weather. The following items are not permitted: offensive logos or art work; mini skirts, spaghetti straps, tank tops, bare stomachs; pants or shorts that sag below the waistline; low-cut, revealing or tight-fitting tops, pants or shorts; pants or shorts with writing on the seat; two-piece swim suits or competition (“Speedo”) swim briefs. Shorts must have a minimum 4” inseam. At least a daily change of clothes, undergarments and socks is recommended (and appreciated). Remember rainwear and extra clothes for recreation and special activities.

Footwear: Shoes must be worn everywhere at camp except in the pool area and in the dorms. Bringing an extra pair of shoes is a good idea.

Bedding & Toilet Articles: Sheets (twin size), pillow, blanket or sleeping bag; towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and brush, comb/hairbrush; anti-perspirant/deodorant, sun block, and insect repellant (test at home first).

Other Items: HOLY BIBLE, notebook or journal, pens or pencils; money for missions; stamps & stationery; flashlight, camera and extra batteries.

What to Leave at Home: CELL PHONES ARE NOT PERMITTED AT CAMP for campers. Parents/Guardians will receive a policy notice at Check-In.

– Pets, radios, CD players or any personal electronic media device (ie. tablets, laptops, gaming devices, MP3 players, iPods, GPS), magazines, toys, games, playing cards or prank items. If confiscated, electronic devices will be turned in to the Dean and secured in the camp office until the end of the week.

– Tobacco products, drugs, alcohol or other controlled substances; weapons or explosives of any kind.

– Food, snacks and money for snacks. Each camper’s registration fee includes $10 to spend at the canteen. No food of any kind will be allowed in the dorms.